Recently, Keith was given an amazing opportunity to illustrate his first children's book.  Hats, Gloves, Hot Cocoa With Love
is a poem written by Gretchen Archambault.  To find out more information on this wonderful bi-lingual book go to  

Keith truly enjoys watching portraits come to life under his pastels.  He also does murals and illustrations.  Keith currently
resides in Westford, Massachusetts with his wife and three children.
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Keith Rose was born and raised in Harwich Massachusetts.  Growing up in a small town and being
the youngest of five boys, Keith often found himself putting pencil to paper sketching his heart out.

Throughout high school, Keith's passion for art grew as he was exposed to all the different
mediums.  Keith attended the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth to pursue a degree in Art
Education with a concentration in Figure Drawing.

Upon completing his degree, Keith's drive to capture the human form grew.  While attending night
classes, he began to train his eye on pastels.  Developing his ability to capture a real to life portrait.  
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